Pandemic Flu Home Care: A Detailed Guide for Caring for the Ill at Home"

A recent survey of American adults found that 76% worried about becoming ill if they had to stay home and take care of the sick during a severe flu pandemic.1
  Learn infection control measures. 


Setting up a Sick Room

Wash hands for 15 seconds with soap and water

infection prevention

Cover a cough or sneeze with tissue

prevent infection
Pandemic Flu Home Care

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MERS-Cov or coronavirus is being monitored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Use these resources to remain updated about changing conditions.  In addition, use infection prevention measures; cover a cough or sneeze, wash your hands.  If you travel to the middle east, monitor your health and notify a health care provider if you become ill with a fever, cough and difficulty breathing.  



  and the Spanish translation 
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The book was written to help you, your family, loved ones and friends care for the sick at home during a severe global flu epidemic, (a pandemic). We encourage you to plan and prepare today so that you would know how to manage if a severe flu pandemic occurred and health care was not available in your community.

Learn How to:

  • Set up a sick room
  • Use infection control guidelines in the home
  • Care for a sick adult or child  
  • Create a care team
  • Cope with stressful events
  • Store water, food and other emergency supplies     
The book was created for the layperson.  Step-by step resources assist you and your family to care for the sick at home.

Written for You by Educators and Health Care Professionals

Use this resource to make informed decisions and plan for your unique needs. Learn about illness prevention activities including vaccination and handwashing. Work with others to create support systems and plan for taking care of those you love at home If regular health care services are not available. 

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