A recent survey of American adults found that 76% worried about becoming ill if they had to stay home and take care of the sick during a severe flu pandemic.1
  Learn infection control measures. 


Setting up a Sick Room

Wash hands for 15 seconds with soap and water

infection prevention

Cover a cough or sneeze with tissue

prevent infection
The most recent survey of American adults conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that 6 in 10 adults feel there will be a "widespread cases of influenza A in the fall with people becoming very sick."  However, 61% of the adults surveyed also thought that they would NOT become sick. In addition, people felt "capable and willing" to take care of a sick child (78%) or a sick adult (66%) for 7-10 days if necessary.  Almost 27% said they did not have anyone to help care for them if they became sick. No specific questions were asked about ability to set up a sick room, take a temperature, monitor fluid intake or cope with the stress of a rapidly changing situation. 
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