A recent survey of American adults found that 76% worried about becoming ill if they had to stay home and take care of the sick during a severe flu pandemic.1
  Learn infection control measures. 


Setting up a Sick Room

Wash hands for 15 seconds with soap and water

infection prevention

Cover a cough or sneeze with tissue

prevent infection
Pandemic Flu Home Care: A Detailed Guide for Caring for the Ill at Home
Useful, practical, resources that will help you and your family manage at home during an influenza (flu) pandemic. The e-Book is 80 pages in length and requires Adobe Acrobat to open.  You can download a copy of Adobe Acrobat by clicking on the link here.  

"Pandemic Flu Home Care: A Detailed guide for Caring for the Ill at Home" provides clear information about home care of sick adults and children. Learn about different levels of infection control. Learn how emotions influence our responses to community emergencies like a pandemic and what you can do to adapt. Benefit from creating a community of care to help you and your family. 


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