A recent survey of American adults found that 76% worried about becoming ill if they had to stay home and take care of the sick during a severe flu pandemic.1
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Setting up a Sick Room

Wash hands for 15 seconds with soap and water

infection prevention

Cover a cough or sneeze with tissue

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Reviews, 2008
  By Health Care Professionals

Gary L. Simpson, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Director of Infectious Diseases (Emeritus) New Mexico Department of Health and Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center 

"It should be in every acute care facility. It's a great read and I am very excited about the book.They did a very nice job on home care issues. It's a practical resource."

Pete Rannells, Intel Corporation, ATM Readiness, Response and Recovery Program Manager

The following statements reflect Pete Rannells' personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of Intel Corporation.

"This is an excellent guideline for dealing with pandemics and by far the most comprehensive I have seen. It appears to consider and provide guidance on every aspect of pandemic preparedness and response. The level of detail is impressive without being overwhelming or tedious, and the idea of creating "Communities of Care" is most likely essential to surviving a pandemic."

Margaret E. Roberts, MD, Family Practice, Albuquerque, New Mexico  What an excellent resource handbook you've created! It is definitely clear and comprehensive, easy to read and understand, and will be useful in educating and helping individuals, families, communities, and also professionals in providing appropriate care in time of need. I am now ready to start putting together supplies and forming my own communities of care.

By Consumers

BJN, Microbiologist (ASCP)
"We found Pandemic Flu Home Care to be well written and full of helpful information. It includes everything from setting up a sick room to websites for further information. The book is presented in a format made easy to read and to implement. In case of an epidemic, it will be invaluable and we will keep it close by for easy reference."  

AG, M.S. Oriental Medicine

The manual written by Schwanberg and Renville on health care at home for patients of an influenza epidemic is notable for its solidly researched and well presented information. It avoids any note of hysteria and presents step-by-step care procedures that can easily be followed by anyone, regardless of medical experience.

Based on the very likely premise that conventional healthcare such as emergency rooms, family doctors and hospitals will be totally overwhelmed if there is a flu pandemic, Schwanberg and Renville instruct the average person  in the techniques of setting up a sickroom at home and taking care of one's  self, children and adults. The instructions are clear, comprehensive and easy to follow. The tone of the book is calm and compassionate, helping the caregiver do her best and take courage in the midst of an unfamiliar challenge. The sections on preparation for a possible pandemic by organizing Care Communities and stocking up on sickroom items are particularly useful.

The information, while comprehensive, is easy to read and down to earth. It would be reassuring to have this manual on hand so that any person would know what to do. Highly recommend.

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